About Our Wiper Blades

Premium quality wiper blades, made of highest quality materials.


Vornitzer™ wiper blades are recognized by their premium quality. The combination of their modern design and high-quality materials guarantees excellent and noiseless wiping performance, as well as perfect fitting on all windscreen types. The Vornitzer™ wiper blade rubber is made of 100% high-quality natural rubber and consists of an extremely high-quality Teflon coating. Vornitzer™ wiper blades are highly resistant to wear caused by outdoor influences and the wiping performance itself, and have a very long lifespan. They are suitable for all seasons – from winter to summer – and thanks to their simple adapters, the installation on any car is more than easy.

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… ensures great performance in all conditions and maximum lifespan.
… ensures great and noiseless performance + strong anti-age and anti-wear protection.
… ensures great performance even at higher travelling speeds.
… thanks to the highest quality natural rubber and teflon rubber treatment.
… thanks to teflon rubber treatment and soft natural rubber.
… from winter to summer.
… thanks to easy-to-install adapters.
… thanks to high quality spring steel designed with precision.